My name is Justin.  The coyote thing is a self-imposed nickname that I’d just as soon not go on about.  I did two tours in Iraq.  I spend a lot of time being angry, but I still basically like people.  And pie.


5 Responses to About

  1. illegalitygirl says:

    Ha! I lived up to my name, coyoteboy! I’ve since retired from my illegal ways, although I still have my ILGRL 1 licence plates. People think I really like living in Illinois…

  2. Bonnie Adams says:

    HI hon,
    Thought I’d get used to communicating with you here before this is the only method I have to communicate with you!
    Hope your flight home was smooth. Miss you terribly.
    Taking PJ to have breakfast with Santa tomorrow morning on her birthday….means I have her all night tonight! By tomorrow after breakfast I’ll be ready for her to go home.
    Much love to you both!
    Miss you!

  3. Howdy. Mystery of how you found my blog has been solved, I see you know Keem. 🙂 I will be a present radical librarian in a matter months, and yes, librarians are hot.

  4. Chanda says:

    Miss you, lost your website address and now I have found you again! I am on Facebook as Chanda Minion Beard (got married!) if you are interested. ❤

  5. Laura says:

    Chanda gave me this link! Two tours? I don’t know if you ever met my little brother but he was there also. It’s good to read you.

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