The New Era

All right, guys.  Let me say it: this blog is dead.  I posted something back in May 2011 that got zero comments.  Which is okay, because the thing was a blathering and incoherent treatise on realpolitik or some such.

I don’t speak to Dorothea anymore, which makes me really sad, and is an opportunity problem more than a willingness problem.  Beyond that crippling issue, I don’t miss the blog much, either.  I’d rather write a novel.

We gots the Facebook and the Google Pluses.  And to be frank, if I want to rage on the internet regarding some political or foreign policy issue, better to do that in a more controlled setting than blasting it into the public end of cyberspace, where no one savory is reading anyway.

If any of my peeps are ever re-interested in the war blog, I have a copy of it.  Some of those posts are truly classic, but most of them were the rantings of a wounded soul who couldn’t go home.  My wounds seem less tragic by the second, and those of others have always been far deeper.

As for angry civics blogs, I read a lot of Fabius Maximus these days.  They’re angrier than I, and generally better footnoted.

As for the future?  None can say.  I plan to hold this blog until I figure out a better use to put it to.  Game blog?

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